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Radio communications licensing

The station is owned by performance radio and licensed to dakota communications, ltd and airs

The station is owned by p..

Результаты поиска по license

Результаты поиска по lice..

Early in 1968, jack bernardo and i traveled to washington, dc to take our fcc third class radio operators license

Early in 1968, jack berna..

Fcc fines man for not having an unobtainable license

Fcc fines man for not hav..

Ham radio class poster

Ham radio class poster..

Posts by engineerd ham_radio

Posts by engineerd ham_ra..

Why should i get licensed?

Why should i get licensed..

Фото: fm vhf and hf transceiver for radio communication and broadcasti

Фото: fm vhf and hf trans..

Emergency communications driving increase in amateur radio operators

Emergency communications ..

Kenwood 2019s new th-k30r radio delivers 5 watts of rf output and is packed with features to ensure superb operating ease

Kenwood 2019s new th-k30r..

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